Genealogy is my hobby

Would you like to know who your ancestors were?


Hi all. My name is Valerie Attaway and I am the author of a blog about genealogy. I have been...

On the family tree

What is a genealogical tree

One of the most obvious ways to delve into the history of the family is to make a genealogical (family tree) or, in a more...

Stages of compilation

In order to conduct genealogical research, it is necessary to perform an archival search and analysis of the preservation of documents concerning your family.

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What is genealogy as a science

Every person at least once in his life has thought about the origin of his family name, who his ancestors were, what they did, how their fate took shape and...

Object, Functions, and Methods

The main aspects of the study are: the relationship and intersection of human families, the fact of origin of specific individuals, the establishment of family ties and the formation of family ancestry and family lists. The object of scientific activity is the society, or rather the society of people within the same family lineage and historical sources proving the connection...

What the science of genealogy studies

Where to start

An interest in one's own ancestors seems quite logical and justified. There is nothing surprising in wanting to know who the family members were in the past, what their fates were, where the family name came from, as well as answers to many other similar and related questions.

How to research