Louis Hébert     -     Marie Rollet
Louis Sédilot     ~     Marie Grimoult
Robert Caron     -     Marie Crevet
Robert Drouin     ~     Anne Cloutier
Jean Sauvaget     ~     Anne Dupuis
Jean Juchereau     ~     Marie Langlois
Pierre De La Porte     ~     Anne Voyer
Philippe Amyot     ~     Anne Convent
Gaspard Boucher     ~      Nicole Le Maire
Jean Côté     ~     Anne Martin
Zacharie Cloutier     -     Xainte Dupont
Jean Bourdon     ~     Jacqueline Potel
Jean Guyon     -     Mathurine Robin
Jean Guyon     -     Madeleine Boulé
Robert Giffard     ~      Marie Renouard
Guillaume Hubou     ~     Marie Rollet
Noël Morin     ~     Hélène Desportes
Nicolas Pivert     ~     Marguerite Lesage
Below is a list of the first settlers who established themselves in Quebec City in the early 1600s alphabetized by husband.  All of them
knew Samuel de Champlain.  Some of them had been with him on prior voyages to Acadia.  Several of them had Samuel or his wife,
Helene, as godparents.  Many of us are lucky enough to number these original settlers as our ancestors.  All the names of the first
settlers are on the Louis Hebert monument in Quebec City.  The list of names can be seen below.  The "Walks With Champlain" project is
a device used to interest people in seaching for their roots in early Quebec.
To learn more about them on other sites, you may click on each name - both first name and surname.   One of the links for each couple is
the page in the
Tanguay's Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families.
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