Clinton County
5-Generation Trees
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Eli Alexander
Blacksmith from Dannemora          1/16/06
April 06, 1858
West Plattsburgh, NY
March 17, 1949
Lyon Mountain, NY
Raymond Allard
Son of one of the last Lake Champlain boatmen          5/03/06
New York State
Ruth Love Parker Barnaby
Lived whole life in West Chazy, NY           3/11/06
February 14, 1901
West Chazy, NY
June 2, 1988
West Chazy, NY
William W. Beaumont
Son of doctor from the Battle of Plattsburgh          3/25/06
March 16, 1824
Fort Michilimackinac
October 28, 1826
Plattsburgh, NY
Harriet E. Beckwith
Descendant of Cotton Mather and Gen. Benjamin
Mooers          3/26/06
New York State
Elizabeth Nora Squires Botten
Editor of Lifelines the NNYA-CGS Journal          1/16/06
New York State
Alan Domina Bechard
Boy Scouts of America Officer          3/02/06
New York State
Wilfred Hildos Bird
Born as a L'Oiseaux died as a Bird          3/14/06
December 12, 1899
Beekmantown, NY
April 14, 1969
Plattsburgh, NY
Marie Aldoria Boire
Mother of 16 from Coopersville, NY          3/03/06
December 01, 1891
Napierville, Quebec
February 04, 1984
Plattsburgh, NY
Orrin L. Brown
Father died in Andersonville Prison, Macon, GA 1864
April 1, 1859
Saranac, NY
March 10, 1932
Ashland, OR
Victoria Brunelle
Dannemora Civil War Widow          3/02/06
1828, Quebec
February 06, 1901
Dannemora, NY
Wyman Chilton
Great grandson of English indentured servant          1/16/06
February 22, 1909
Ellen Marie Kilbride Christopher
Ex Miami cop ties to Altona and Plattsburgh          1/16/06
June Lorraine Crocker
City girl with country connections                          03/13/11
Hartford, CT
Gregory Joseph Danussi
Italian grandfather went to Alaska to mine gold          3/12/06
New York State
Helen Margaret Healey Dowd
2nd g-granddaughter of early Chateaugay settler          
New York State
James William Dowd, Sr.
Retired Music Teacher and Musician          3/02/06
New York State
Julia McRobbie Sturrock Dowd
NNYA-CGS Webmaster          1/16/06
Martha Dandridge Aylett Duncan
Wife of War of 1812 hero - granddaughter of Patrick
Henry           3/26/06
April 15, 1801
"Fairfield" Virginia
Joseph Donais dit Frenière
Paternal family from Boucherville, Quebec          3/20/06
Quebec, Canada
February 13, 1866
Redford, NY
Judith Hebert Frenière
Redford woman with Acadian ancestors          3/20/06
Quebec, Canada
April 23, 1885
Redford, NY
Amelia Garrant
Paternal g-grandmother of Susan G. Boyle          3/03/06
May 01, 1855
Plattsburgh, NY
April 25, 1874
Troy, NY
Clement Gerke
Paternal lines German - Maternal lines French-Canadian
June 3, 1927
Plattsburgh, NY
May 17, 1978
Hillsborough, FL
Robert J. Golovach
Grandfather came to mine in Lyon Mountain          3/03/06
New York State
Clarissa Brown Pike Harrison
Daughter of Zebulon Pike - daughter-in-law of a president
February 24, 1803
February 01, 1837
Margaret Rita Healey
Lyon Mountain Childhood          3/10/06
New York State
Lucy Macdonough Hubbard
Granddaughter of Comm. Thomas Macdonough   3/02/06
November 06, 1846
Nancy Anne Lemay
Born Plattsburgh - Married Morrisonville, NY 11/02/07
New York State
Catherine Mae Vaughan Little
Childhood on Gale Meadows Farm, Altona, NY          3/08/06
New York State
Gordon Requa Little
Columnist          3/08/06
New York State
David Sherwood Kellogg
A doctor at all hours          3/19/06
October 21, 1847
Essex, Vermont
December 19, 1910
Plattsburgh, NY
Alexander Macomb
Hero of the Battle of Plattsburgh          3/04/06
April 03, 1782
Detroit, Michigan
William H. Marquis
Founder- Northern New York American-Canadian
Genealogical Society
Nelson Alfred Martin
Keeseville, NY and Winooski, VT connections
December 03, 1928
Burlington, VT
February 21, 2001
Apache Junction, AZ
Benjamin Mooers
General in War of 1812 - outlived 3 wives          3/20/06
April 01, 1758
Haverill, MA
February 20, 1738
Plattsburgh, NY
Virginia Oshier Mullen
Auger in Canada - Oshier in the US                      8/27/06
New York State
Margaret Platt Myers
3rd great-granddaughter of Zephaniah Platt          3/02/06
New York State
Hugh McLellan
2nd great grandson of Pliny Moore and Clinton Co. cemetery
November 18, 1874
Bloomfield, NJ
Rouse Point, NY
Anthony Wayne McPherson
Childhood in Ellenburgh, NY - living Chicopee, MA      
New York State
Amelia Cassavah Parker
Lived whole life in West Chazy - "Pure French" with NE
ties       4/23/06
March 03, 1863
West Chazy, NY
March 01, 1949
West Chazy, NY
Anastasia Pratt
Educator and historian          1/16/06
New York State
Gloria Cusson Pratt
Membership Chairperson of NNYA-CGS          1/16/06
Frederick Vincent Provoncha
Clinton County Rootsweb Board Administrator          3/15/06
New York State
Brent Reader
Combat Medic recently returned from Iraq          1/20/06
Scott Francis Recor
Ottawa Senators Fan          1/16/06
New York State
William Thomas Ryan
Chateaugay Lake childhood          3/04/06
New York State
Gary R. Saltmarsh
Former Commissioner Wilmington VF and R Squad  3/13/06
New York State
May 30, 2005
Plattsburgh, NY
Barbara Gerry Seguin
President of NNYA-CGS          1/16/06
New York State
Robert Marvin Shutts
Lyon Mountain Miner, WWII Vet and father of ten    4/15/06
July 17, 1926
Ellenburg, NY
April 06, 1965
Lyon Mountain, NY
Shirley St. Onge
Loyalist Ancestors from Vermont         5/03/06
New York State
Judith Anne Doyle Turner
NNYA-CGS Recording Secretary 2006          2/20/06
New York State
Sylvia Woodward
2nd g-granddaughter Hon. J. Douglass Woodward    3/02/06
New York State
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